April 2017 MASCIP Newsletter


2016 MASCIP Conference
Feedback Summary
16th November 2016
Title: ‘Contending with complexity’
IMAGO centre, Loughborough University

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19th Annual MASCIP Conference
23rd November 2017
Title: ‘Ages and Stages in Spinal Cord Injury’
IMAGO centre, Loughborough University

Paul Kennedy

The Paul Kennedy Bursary

MASCIP is establishing an ongoing bursary in the memory of Paul Kennedy.

The Paul Kennedy ‘Making a Difference’ Bursary will be awarded annually to a MASCIP member to use for an initiative that will make an identified difference to the lives of individuals living with a SCI.

The award will be a single amount of £1000.

Please apply here

New training course


SIA are launching a brand new
‘Managing the Neurogenic Bowel’

Skills and Competency Training module aimed at registered nurses

3 May in Liverpool
28 June in Liverpool
6 June in Milton Keynes

First come first served so be quick to apply HERE

Guttman Conference 2017


For the attendance of Spinal Cord Injury Centre staff ONLY
The 34th Guttmann conference will be hosted by the North West Regional Spinal Injuries Centre at the Ramada hotel.
29-10th June 2017
International speakers have been invited and it will also be the centre’s 70th birthday!




Back Up are pleased to announce the first ever exhibition of acclaimed still life photographer Richard Foster’s personal work: a collection of abstract and figurative photographs taken over the last ten years since the car accident which paralysed him from the chest down.
Richard is generously donating proceeds from the exhibition to Back Up.
The exhibition is FREE to the public from 3 – 5 March.
If you would like to attend the private view, please contact: or call 0208875 6749


SIA training
SIA are pleased to announce that the next
‘Caring with Confidence Study Day’

will be held in Manchester on
5 October 2017
for PAs, HCAs and carers


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Check the recently added items on the MASCIP website:
Association of Spinal Cord Injury Professionals International




The ISCoS Education Committee are very pleased to announce that is now available in Spanish and Portuguese.They hope that by making available in different languages, they will help to disseminate knowledge and skills to health professionals working around the world in SCI.

ISCOS 2017Dublin, Ireland October 24th to 26th 2017.Call for Abstracts: Submission deadline April 2nd 2017.Abstracts are only accepted for consideration via the online abstract application form. Abstracts submitted in any other fashion will not be considered for presentation.


NURSES remember ………..

  • To Apply to become a member of the SCI Nurse Committee of ISCoS to help promote SCI Nursing internationally!
  • That there is the SCI Nurse study grant available – a fantastic opportunity to look at bladder and/or bowel management relating to SCI.
  • That ‘SCI Nurse’ offers: a closed and open forum via Facebook and Twitter @SCI_nurse

iscos logo

ISCOS 2017

Dublin, Ireland October 24th to 26th 2017.

Call for Abstracts: Submission deadline April 2nd 2017.

Abstracts are only accepted for consideration via the online abstract application form. Abstracts submitted in any other fashion will not be considered for presentation.



New 2017 Service Brochures

Get yourself up-to-date with the new Aspire services here



Did you know?

In Dec 2016 Cochrane released the new ‘Rehabilitation Cochrane

Cochrane Rehabilitation is aimed to ensure that all rehabilitation professionals can apply Evidence Based Clinical Practice, combining the best available evidence as gathered by high quality Cochrane systematic reviews, with their own clinical expertise and the values of patients

‘Discharge to Assess’ open days
Supporting timely discharge from acute care

The last in a series of events to support the publication of Discharge to Assess are taking place over the next few months.
‘Discharge to Assess’ is a quick guide for CCGs on how to reduce the time people spend in hospital once their acute care has ended.
If you are interested in attending email here


SCIPT has new status as an official subgroup of ISCoS
This process and change is a positive step towards ISCoS recognizing the multi-disciplinary and true nature of the care for people with SCI.  Read more about what this means for SCIPT here


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