2 day workshop 18th-19th May – Strengths based CBT for vulnerable clients and chronic conditions

18th-19th May 2015

About Dr. Christine Padesky

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Places are now available if you would like to book on Christine Padesky’s new workshop in London on 18-19 May, 2015.
Most therapists want to improve clients’ sense of well-being and overall quality of life in addition to relieving stress. This is especially true for vulnerable clients with complex issues and those who suffer social stigma because of chronic mental health problems. For these clients, Strengths-Based CBT (SB-CBT) can provide a more positive therapy experience than therapy approaches that are solely problem focused. An emphasis on strengths and resilience is a welcome change for clients who may feel worse when therapy is solely focused on problems, especially when change comes slowly.

This is the first workshop in Dr. Padesky’s new “Show Me!” series. Rather than didactic lecture, most of her teaching will be via clinical demonstration, followed by discussions to guide participant learning. After her demonstrations, workshop participants have an opportunity to apply the ideas and methods via role play and structured exercises. Join Padesky in London for this unique learning opportunity to see Strengths-Based CBT in action with vulnerable clients and chronic issues.


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