March Newsletter

The 4th ISCoS and ASIA Joint Scientific Meeting

14th – 16th May, Montreal, Canada

The SCI Clinical Reference Group Quality Sub-Group are looking to start work on 2 further standards for specific SCI populations:

  • Mental Health
  • Older Adults

Do you have expertise and wish to contribute to either of these pieces of work? In particular they need someone who can lead on the Older Adult Group. Please contact Dr Angela Gall with any suggestions or enquiries.

The Paediatric Standards are almost complete and will be available soon. All these will supplement the Adult Standards which were completed in 2013.

Nursing Times Awards 2015

Nursing Times Awards 2015

Entry deadline is 17 April 2015

This year there are 20 categories to choose from standards will supplement the Adult Standards which were completed in 2013.


Are you a healthcare professional treating individuals with Cauda Equina Syndrome (CES)?

I am carrying out research as part of my masters dissertation comparing patients with CES treated in specialist spinal injuries centres with those treated by non-specialist services. I hope to increase awareness of the condition and help to promote best practice.

The short questionnaire which can be found at 

Participants need to register a username and password and then it is located on the main toolbar under research
Please be sure to complete all questions as otherwise the system will not save the answers. Many thanks

Sara Edmundson, Advanced Physiotherapist, National spinal injuries centre

Conquer Paralysis Now (CPN) Challenge

The goal of theConquer Paralysis Now (CPN) Challenge is to accelerate the development of treatments for spinal cord injury (SCI) in order to provide significant improvements in patients’ quality of life.

The CPN Challenge program plans to award nearly 20 million dollars in grants and prizes over the next ten years. The first team that can reach unprecedented improvement in every day functions of people living with chronic SCI will win the $10 million Grand Prize.

Physiotherapists Care Skills Group

Physiotherapists Care Skills Group  was set up to promote improved care of frail or disabled people who require healthcare assistant support.

The purpose is to support training for health care assistants and other health professionals.

The training resources provide interactive training through a combination of presentation slides, audio and template documents.

All the resources are free but you need to be a member of iCSP to access the training package.

Mims Masterclass

This half-day seminar, chaired by urological surgeon Mr Julian Shah, will cover key topics in care and treatment of patients with neuropathic bladder problems, including:
– What’s new in management of the neuropathic bladder
– Quality of life issues for the patient with neuropathic bladder problems
– Multidisciplinary, case-based discussion with panel and audience participation


Raw is a Production Company that make documentaries for ITV, BBC and Channel 4. They’re also known for their BAFTA winning film The Imposter. This year they would like to make a documentary on individuals who have experienced a life-changing illness or accident and who are now about to get married to the partner who’s stuck by them throughout. They will follow their final weeks of preparation including the big day.
If you know anyone who might be interested they can contact Anya Browne

Journal of Spinal Cord Medicine

Volume: 38, Number: 2 (March 2015)
The latest issue of the Journal of Spinal Cord Medicine is now available online.

Click here to read the table of contents.

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Aspire Accessible Housing Available

NOW: Northampton, Stockport, Bristol
Next few weeks: Enderby, Leicestershire and Wakefield
Expected vacancies: Hull and Chatham
Next new builds: Manchester, Exeter and Walthamstow
Contact Aspire  for more details or give Belinda Milrod a call on 020 8420 8950 if you would like to arrange to view any of these properties.


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