The first MASCIP ‘shared practice event’

The first MASCIP ‘shared practice event’ took place on 4th Feb 2016 at the Milton Keynes Conference Centre.  It was kindly sponsored by ICCM.

The topic being shared was ‘patient education’ and attendance was fantastic.  All but 2 of the spinal units were represented as were most of the spinal cord injury charities.

The session was very positive with everyone openly sharing their experiences and challenges.

Common issues emerged and different strategies and options for different spinal units could then be discussed.

Conclusions focused on:

  • The need to evaluate outcomes of SCI education to better guide where improvements were needed.
  • The production of a single SCI patient education website to reduce the duplication of efforts and resources amongst spinal units. 
  • The importance all staff on the spinal units having a high level of specialist knowledge themselves if patient education is to be continued and consolidated during day to day care on the ward or in therapy. 
  • The need for consideration and accommodation for different learning styles, languages and cultures. 
  • The setting up of a working party with representation from each of the spinal units.


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